Training Curriculum

Find below, the summary of the proposed curriculum for the training intended for the students who will be part of the program after the laboratories have been equipped.

Module 1: Introduction to Computer Technology

This module will introduce the students to general computing, the history and the development. Students will, learn how to interact with the computer, learn how to use basic office and desktop tools and learn how to use the internet. Furthermore they will be introduced to various careers in Computter Technology and the benefits the technology offers to the community and human lives generally.

Module 2: Introduction to programming

This module will introduce students to general programming concept, and will subsequently focus on the python programming language as a programming tool. It will be divided into the following sections.

  1. Programming Basics, and
  2. Introduction to Algorithms

At the end of this Module, the students would have learnt the basics of building solutions using the chosen programming language, giving them the necessary foundation for applying programming to a later chosen problem.

Module 3: Projects

This module will be divided into three tracks, which each student will chose from. This is to enable them to work on a particular project using what they have learnt in the preceding modules. The project tracks are:

  1. Web and Web-related applications
  2. Internet of Things
  3. Games and Media

Credit: This curriculum is provided by Dev’s District Design And Innovation Hub, Nigeria, the training supply partner on this project.

If you have any questions or concerns concerning any part of the curriculum, please send us a comment below.


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