Team and Partners


Project Lead

Joshua Owoyemi, a PhD candidate at Tohoku University. He believed that if young people in Nigeria should are exposed to the right kind of knowledge and tools, they would be able to compete favourably with their couterparts in the rest of the world and even surpass expectations. He also believes that this project will have a far reaching impact on the community as the young people can be equipped to create solutions to local problems using state-of-the-art tools and reducing reliance on imported solutions thereby working towards making our country self-sufficient and self-reliant. Check out Joshua’s LinkedIn profile here, and you can also connect with him on Facebook.



The following are our project partners, covering integral parts of the project.

African Association of Miyagi (AFAM): A Non-profit association of Africans in Miyagi, Japan. AFAM will be the liason arm of this project based in Japan, will hold funds available in Japan and transfer to the Nigerian-based project account when necessary.

Dev’s District Design And Innovation Hub: A community of innovators, designers, Code virtuosos, writers, tinkerers, researchers and entrepreneurs committed to developing innovative solutions to generic problems facing Africa and developing nations around the world. Based in Akure, Nigeria (same city as this project) and will be supplying the technology and training for this project.

For more information on the roles of the different partners of this project, please see the project brief’s page.