Project Costs

In partnership with Dev’s District Design And Innovation Hub, the following will be needed to set up and start the project at a public school for 25 students, and run for a year. All cost is provided in Naira because equipment will be sourced locally. Please see the US Dollar equivalent of the total price at the end of the table.

Equipment/Service Cost (Naira)
25 Full Desktop Computer Systems 787,500
UPS 132,500
25 Computer Desks 132,500
Internet Connection 260,500
Training Supply 840,000
Power 120,000
Administrative Cost 240,000
Project Publicity 185,000
Total ₦2,713,875.00
Total ($, at 360 Naira/$) $ 7,538.54

Note that we have only provided a summary of the costs and the costs might vary from time due to fluctuations in prices and economic situations. However, we will try as much as possible to keep this page updated to agree with prevailing costs.

If you would like to get a more detailed breakdown of the costs, please fill the form on the Give page. We will be glad to give a response.