Microsoft’s worst enemy and rival will be the Linux operating system, Microsoft believes in if you want the best you pay for it, but Linus believes Open source(Free and accessible to edition by a wide range of programmers) is the best way to do software. Another main advantage of Linux over its rival is the fact that you tweak the operating system to your own taste. Linux is an Unix based operating system.

Linux has grown from 250,000 lines of code in 1995, to 1000 developers in 2011 and presently over 13500 developers. From one in every 500 super computers in 1998 to 413 in 500 in 2011, and presently 4 out of 5 super computers use the Linux.

Now, Just like Bill Gates, who is behind this awesome operating system that has also been used in both the Android and Chrome OS; no other than LINUS TORVALDS. Linus is a Finnish-American software engineer that developed the Linux operating system. The first Linux kernel became the main kernel for the Linux distribution.

Linus was born on December 28, 1969 in Helsinki, Finland; he is the son of two journalists Nils and Anna Torvalds. He was named after a noble prize winning chemist, Linus. At Age 10, Linus started writing programs in BASIC on his maternal grandfather’s Commodore Vic 20, where he discovered his love for programming and computers.

Linus went to college in Finland, and also got his masters degree in computer science. He started working on his Linux project while still in college in an attempt to use the likes and fix the dislikes of MINIX (Like not being satisfied with MINIX designed for only teaching purpose but not for industry strength) which he got from asking for review on Usenet. After the release of Linux, Torvalds was bitten by a penguin when he went for a vacation in Southern Hemisphere, which was his inspiration for Linux icon, named nicknamed Tux.

At first, Linux was only adopted for computer users(programmers i.e developers), but presently Linus has worked on it being user friendly, and now it’s Microsoft’s biggest competitor. Red hat (Red hat is an American multinational software company providing open source products to enterprise community) offered Linus stock options in honor of his contribution, from which he earned millions from.

In 2000, Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs invited him to work on Apple Mac OS, Linus refused.

Linus has not only made great contribution to the computer industry, but he has also changed the way personal and office computers install softwares. He has earned serval awards and recognition for his achievements. Linus was given the Millennium Technology Prize, an award in the Internet Hall of fame, a recipient of Time Magazine’s most influential people and one of the most influential people in the world. In 2014, Linus was the recipient of the IEEE computer society computer pioneer award.

Linus has a dislike for C++ programming language and jokes about Linux kernel complies faster than a C++ program. Google plus is the only social media platform he uses, where he is reviewing gadgets at his free time. He is married to Tove Torvalds (they met when he was teaching and asked his student to write him an essay to his email, and she asked him on a date as an essay) with 3 beautiful girls. His current net worth is $150 million.

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