A lot has been hammered on kids and teens learning to program, one would wonder, how- aside money making and prestige, what benefits do coders offer to the world?

A lawyer helps people to save their properties and lives; a doctor heals and treats people of their illness. An engineer builds and stabilises houses, road and building for us, there are lots of benefits of coder to us. In the present society, we will tell 10 benefits of coders to society, grab your seat.

  • Solution to Healthcare Issues

Developers have revolved the medicine world via prolonging life and making life easy for those with disabilities. Through neurosensors and robotics, patients can now have bionic limbs and arms, earphones to aid hearing and speech. Most advanced equipment used in the medical world like DNA sequencing, IVF are all programmed to work with one coding language or the other.

  • Production of Advanced Technology

Drones and most technology- basically all, are all made to possible with the contribution and coming together of programmers trying in the best possible ways to help the world and impact the lives of people.

  • Aiding Other Professions
  • Solutions to Global Problem
  • Robotics

Robots have been of great help in companies, especially factories, enhancing productivity and creativity and fewer jobs for human. From arms,  limbs and

  • Easy Livelihood

All simple things like ordering goods and services, transport (like Taxify and Uber) Communication (WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook, etc.), and Logistic service, can be done through the internet via coding of web apps, computer software or mobile appsall through possibility of coding.

  • Help Advance Rocket & Space Technology

Elon Musk brought back rockets safely back to earth by reducing the price of sending payloads into space through coding and algorithms. Coding is used to optimise design, 3D printing components and manufacturing rockets.

  • Empowering Education

Through coding and building of websites, E-learning platforms, such s Udemy, Cousera and lots of others, where you can learn anything you want, get more skills and further your education. Through the internet, knowledge can be gained through any source; also projects from colleges and other offline education centres can be completed faster and easier, filled with great information.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Source of Empowerment

Currently, the technology employees are increasing in the market labour. And the space is not going down, with time and advance of technology, the search rate of coders will keep going on the high. In Nigeria, programming has gone far to reduce the rate of high unemployment within the youths.

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