Tricks That Can Get Your Kids Coding In No Time

Programming is a very fun activity, apart from being lucrative. Programmers, developers, and foundations like ours love the idea of enabling students with the ability to be one. Everyone likes to pass down their knowledge to people, the same goes for developers.

For Kids and middle age children, teaching programming comes from a different angle and ways to go by it. Children have a short attention span, easily bored and tired. Getting them into the programming world, either by developers, non-coding teachers or parents, require some tricks up your sleeve.

These youngsters are rarely interested in Database, SQL or machine learning, but would love programming and designing websites, building games, and softwares. Start with knowing what interest your child (or a particular child in a group).

Start with Games

The essence of starting with games programming; when teaching young scholars, cannot be over-emphasized. Kids, irrespective of gender and age, love games. And the idea of creating a game, they and their friends can play, that’s a huge hook.

Individual Personal Computers

As a teacher or developer teaching groups, or a parent to more than one child, making sure each child has his/her own personal computer enhances their learning and furthermore, their knowledge of coding. They get work on projects are spare time, take home assign and develop on their own learning pace.

Start With Python

Why is python the beginner’s language is no mystery? Python is of clear syntax relating to English, making it easy to grasp and progress faster.  It is highly versatile, it can be used to code anything from games, software, website, and even machine learning. It has large available sources, libraries and a supportive community contributing to it.

All these make python advisable to start with as they are available answers to problems, they may face, and a community willing to help.

Let Them Code

More than working on it, while they stare at you. Allow them to code themselves, tell them what to do at each step, don’t do it! Your hesitation could rise from the fact, it might be long slow, time exhausting moment, but don’t fail to realize they are the ones leading in the training, it works at their pace. Coding themselves makes them some sort of power, that boosts them up and they reach out to you, only when they have roadblocks.

Sign up on a code tutorial website

As a developer, you may be an expert in a field, but sign up for these coding tutorial website, gives you a roadmap on steps you should take. From what are the first lessons you should teach, even to resources that will be of great help to you. Websites like codeacademy, are available for free learning. You can also get your students to sign in on online communities like Gedit, where they can interact with kids their age, get involved in competitions and also get solutions to their projects.

Teaching a lot farther than knowing how to code, you should also be able to know some teaching ethics and be patient and loving to answer frustrating questions and attitudes, they may have.

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