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I was a bright student, but I wasn’t interested in school activities. My father never reprimanded me, ever since he saw my interest in computers, he supported me. Through the help of my father, I created software that connected my dad’s office and home computers; informing him of when a patient arrived- being a dentist, and I created games from drawings by my friends. I was tutored and read on programming. I went ahead to create a music app that reads on your music preference. All these I did before founding Facebook.  All, which started in childhood.  “All of my friends who have younger siblings who are going to college or high school – my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.” – Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook.

Mark has been known to support a lot of Initiative on coding for kids and teens. Why one of the world’s greatest billionaire of all time, should be interested in such, is no mystery. Programming made him what he is today.

EquipAkschools is more than an initiative or foundation; it’s a movement.  One motivated by striving to help our country, from backwardness, alleviate our nation into the limelight of civilized world.

Bill gates became who he is today, from the donation of computers in his school; where he started learning BASIC language on his own, leading him to build Microsoft. Microsoft, before the arrival of Mac, helped PC computers in so many ways. Microsoft solved a community problem.

A community project is an instant gratification of our great project; towards the end of our intense training, projects on community help will be done, kids will think of ways to help their nation, and develop applications and software based on it.

Brittany Wenger created a breast cancer diagnosis app that helped discover 99.9% of growing tumors at age 19. This is exactly what we are empowering our kids to do. We need you for two reasons to donate or volunteer to this cause.

You are a graphics designer, a developer of any level, social media influencer, photographer or videographer. You have this great passion for kids and technology. Well, you should volunteer for this movement.  Your works get shown internationally, you get to meet awesome resources, but of all, you get to help secondary students, our leaders of tomorrow be great.

You’re not any of those? Wondering how you fit in? Or maybe you want to do more other than just volunteer. Fantastic! You should donate to the project.  You can also check out the summary of the project cost, where your donation will be going to.

Let’s all work together for our kid’s greatness.

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