The First Phase Begins

As mankind moves forward into the future, it’s obvious to everyone that we end up increasingly dependent on technology for our regular living. This particularly incorporates PCs and also interchanges and internet technology. Be that as it may, what sort of an impact does this have on our children? You see and hear such a significant number of stories about children who spend their days stuck before a screen. Regardless of whether they are fanatically watching YouTube, clicking without end at some PC amusement, or simply watching old-fashioned network shows, children are progressively retaining themselves into technology.

While many of us were growing up, technology was dealt with uniquely in contrast to it is today. It has dependably been a hot discussion point; obviously, however, the idea of technology had not saturated our day by day lives as vigorously as it has today. In the computerized age, we have acknowledged real advances in technology as a feature of our ordinary exercises. In a ton of cases, this has prompted totally unique methodologies by the way we manage certain things.

At the point when your children become more established, you figure out how to regard their desires, their security, and their own capacities to protect themselves. A 16-year-old, for instance, does not really require consistent checking while they are out of the house.

This computerised age may have carried with it a few threats, yet it has additionally brought numerous marvels. With Equipakschool’s project, your kids can live a better life by learning to solve real-world problems from a tender age with our training.

Our first phase which kicked off at Cac Grammar School, Akure on the 26th of October 2018 tends to help the students be of better use to the world around them beyond the normal process of classrooms lectures, irrespective of their future ambitions.

It is our responsibility to introduce these young children to coding and its related areas. We know how much coding can open job opportunities in the nearest future. We won’t stop spreading this awareness till every child in Akure and beyond gets an opportunity to build a future they want to live in with their hands.

Help EquipAkschool achieve more; partnerships and sponsorship are welcomed from both corporate and private individuals.

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