“Although children are only 24 percent of the population, they’re 100 percent of our future and we cannot afford to provide any child with a substandard education”. Ed Markey. Early childhood is a critical period for shaping and influencing lifestyle behaviors that have implications for the future and good education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life.

EquipAkschool launching at CAC Grammar School

Technology holds vast resources and potentials for the future, especially for Africa, and a way to achieve that is by coding the future through our young ones. Today, those who can produce digital technologies, and not only consume them, will be in charge of their own destiny. Apparently, many children in Nigeria and around some other parts of the world do not have access to quality education where they can learn and develop.

To advance learning and technological skills acquisition, Joshua Owoyemi and Dev’s District partnership, are not only a charity for children’s education in Akure, but true community development partners. This partnership stresses the fact that “together we can do more”; it initiated the actualization of a project that would see to the future and technological transformation of more than 10,000 secondary school students in Akure and later, beyond.

Dev’s District has been expanding the frontiers of technological knowledge through several technological interventions focused on empowering kids, young girls and youths with technological skills by leveraging on partnerships with technological giants like Google, Tech4Dev, The Cape Town Science Centre to mention but a few.

If Nigeria and Africa as a whole is indeed looking for sustainable development, we must, therefore, adopt coding as the new literacy; it offers many opportunities for learning and personal growth, exploration, and creativity, mastery of new skills, advancement and ways of thinking. Hence, the partnership between Joshua Owoyemi and Dev’s District birthed EquipAKschool Project.

The EquipAkschool project aims to fund and equip public secondary schools with state of the art functional computer laboratories in Akure and to further train students in computer programming using a very flexible software curriculum. Their approach to coding moves the conversation beyond the traditional view of coding as a technical skill but as literacy. As such, it invites new ways of thinking and carries the ability to produce an artifact detached from its creator, with its own meaning.

“This project will help our young people become producers, and not merely consumers, in our technologically-rich world.” Joshua Owoyemi

The EquipAKschool project will help give Thousands of Young persons in Akure the opportunity to learn new skills beyond the classroom; it will expose them to software development, computing, analytical and problem-solving skills.

“It is our responsibility to introduce these young people to coding and computational thinking. We know that as getting a degree, coding will open doors, many of them that we cannot anticipate now. As such, they deserve the best we can give them. It is not good to give them rigorous teachings which are not developmentally appropriate for them; hence, we have adopted different fun kinds of stuff to stimulate the learning process like basic programming, algorithm, web, games, and IOTs.” Emmanuel Odunlade, Dev’s District CEO.

The pilot phase of the EquipAKschool project which was launched on Monday, the 2nd Day of July 2018 at CAC Grammar School Akure is hoped to be replicated in other states and cities in Nigeria and Africa at large in the nearest future. The launch empowered CAC Grammar School with 25 brand new computers as well as a one-year programming training.

EquipAkschool launching at CAC Grammar School

Help the EquipAkschool achieve more; partnerships and sponsorship are welcomed from both corporate and private individuals.

Click Here to see more pictures from the project launch


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