Here We Go

This marks the beginning of the equipAKschool project.

One question that is usually asked is, “Why do we need this project?”. The simple answer is, “Because of the future”. We need to prepare for the future. And by that, we do not mean doing things the same way it has been done so far. Not aids for poverty alleviation, aids for small-scale business nor hand-outs that provide temporary solutions to albeit permanent problems. It means changing our strategy, creating a deep-reaching solution rather than a superficial face-dressing. It means we have to invest in the places where we might not see immediate returns but we know will have a far-reaching impact in the future. This is the reason for this project.

This is a way we can start infusing up-to-date knowledge into our educational systems. And we are focusing on Computer Technology because we think this the most useful area of knowledge that is changing the world right now and the earlier our young people learn the tools afforded by this technology, the better for them.

The government will take longer, but with an initiative like this, we can ensure that our young people equipped with the relevant knowledge that they need for the future. But the future is not theirs alone, but the future of their communities and the future of the country.

We have made this a publicly funded initiative so that the public can as well contribute, observe and be encouraged as the progress is made. This will become a success story, not just for the project but for every contributor and every community that adopts the idea. It might take us a long time but we believe it a step in the right direction that will eventually lead us to a place where we can hold our heads high in the committee of developed nations.

To learn more;

Check out a detailed brief of the project here.

Check out the team and partners here.

See a summary of the project costs here.





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